Friday, July 8, 2011

Finish It Up! One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Since my last Finish It Up! post, I have finished one project and started two more, which brings me to a total of 15 WIPs. I think I have a problem. The thrill of the start is just so alluring! And there is so much great inspiration out there! I have decided, though, that I am not going to start a single new project until one of two things happens: either I make it to the end of this challenge, which is August 15, or I get my list of WIPs under 7 (half of the 14 I started this challenge with.)

Here’s an update:

1.       Yellow Brick Road #1: FINISHED
2.       Yellow Brick Road #2: Progress
3.       Unblogable #1: Progress
4.       Unblogable #2
5.       Baby’s Color Book: Progress
6.       Unblogable #3
7.       Paris Cats Quilt #1
8.       Batik Kit Quilt
9.       Unblogable #4
10.   Call Me Crazy
11.   Scrappy Nine-Patch
12.   Unblogable #5
13.   Forest Friends Embroidery: FINISHED
14.   Blueberry Pie: Progress
15.   Warm Cool Quilt Along: Progress
16.   Kaleidoscope Quilt Along: Started
17.   Valentine’s Day Half-Square Triangles: Started

Next week I’m going to focus on finishing the Yellow Brick Road #2 quilt and making good progress on the Color Book.


  1. Oh dear. Totally understand why you are overwhelmed! If you have some small tops you want to hire our (free, duh), just let me know! :-)
    Meanwhile YBR#2 is CLOSE!

  2. Yoiks! I keep starting things too. But I did not have such a big list! Keep plugging away at it!