Monday, September 12, 2016

Basic Black Seneca Skirt

Early in July, I whipped up a new wardrobe staple: the Seamwork Seneca Skirt. Of all the Seamwork patterns I've completed, this sewed up the fastest. Usually my sewing style is to pick away at a pattern, sewing a little bit here, a little bit there, over several days or weeks. For this skirt, I started after dinner and was finished before bedtime. The instructions were clear and everything fit together nicely. It felt so good to sew such a quick pattern!

When I tried on the finished skirt in front of a mirror, I was a little unsure about the length. I'm much shorter than the model, so it's possible that I should have shortened it a few inches. In the end, I decided I love the length because of how comfy the skirt is. Also, it has pockets!

The fabric is my tried-and-true Robert Kaufman Laguna Jersey Knit in Onyx. I noticed during this year’s Me-Made-May that I reach for basic black items the most often. This skirt also filled a glaring hole in my wardrobe. Now I have not one, but two skirts in my closet!

My  Seneca skirt has gotten quite a bit of use this summer. I usually wear it with my blue Akita blouse, which is also a Seamwork pattern. I'd definitely like to sew another of these skirts next spring or summer, but am currently focused on planning my fall garment sewing.