Friday, July 15, 2011

Finish It Up! Slow and Steady

Finish It Up! Slow and Steady

Since last week’s Finish It Up! post, I have finished another quilt, which means I am down to 14 WIPs.

Here’s an update:
1.       Yellow Brick Road #1: FINISHED
2.       Yellow Brick Road #2: FINISHED
3.       Unblogable #1: Progress
4.       Unblogable #2
5.       Baby’s Color Book: Progress
6.       Unblogable #3
7.       Paris Cats Quilt #1
8.       Batik Kit Quilt
9.       Unblogable #4
10.   Call Me Crazy
11.   Scrappy Nine-Patch
12.   Unblogable #5
13.   Forest Friends Embroidery: FINISHED
14.   Blueberry Pie
15.   Warm Cool Quilt Along: Progress
16.   Kaleidoscope Quilt Along: Progress
17.   Valentine’s Day Half-Square Triangles

Next week I will focus on finishing Color Book and catching up on my quilt alongs.

Check out Fashioned by Meg for more finishes.


  1. Slow and steady works! Good goin', Rachel!

  2. Congratulations!!It`s very wonderful!!

    Happy quilting week!!