Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Sweetness: Menchie’s

Apparently frozen yogurt is the new cupcake. There seems to be frozen yogurt shops everywhere now. A Menchie’s store recently opened near us, and we have already been there a couple times. The first time, I had the Grasshopper (mint) flavor with mini chocolate chips, oreos and graham cracker crumbs. The texture was really weird. It was kind of icy and not like normal frozen yogurt. The second time, I was much happier with my choice. I had the Cupcake flavored yogurt and it was really yummy! The texture was much better, too. I tried more toppings, like brownie and cheesecake bites, which were alright. I really like being able to chose how much yogurt and toppings I want. The rewards card works well, too. The location is really convenient, so we will most likely be back.

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