Tuesday, July 24, 2018

January 2018 in Review

This past January didn't contain many finishes, due to first trimester fatigue. However, I was really happy with the two things I did manage to finish! 

The Sadie Sweatshirt pattern is from the November 2017 issue of Seamwork. I purchased some French Terry fabric from Mood Fabrics as my "wearable muslin" fabric and it was really easy to work with and is quite warm and cozy. The pattern was easy to follow and I had no fit issues. I really enjoyed wearing this shirt this winter, especially since it had pockets! I made a second version in February and hope to make at least one more this coming Fall/Winter. 

My husband and I attend the Penny Arcade Expo every year, and since I've learned to knit, I like to take along an easy, mindless knitting project to work on while we wait in lines (and there are a lot of lines to wait in). In August 2017, I started a Boom Shawl with DK yarn from House of a la Mode. The pattern is by Playing with Fibre, and was sufficiently easy and mindless. The speckled yarn was fun to knit and I was pleased with the end result, despite the fact that the edge finishing wasn't my favorite. I ended up giving this shawl to my grandma for her birthday. 

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Monday, April 16, 2018

2017 in Review

Normally, I would post my Year in Review post in January, but this January I was a little preoccupied with day-long morning sickness and overwhelming fatigue. Now that the first trimester of this pregnancy is over, I'm finally writing my 2017 in Review post. Better late than never! 


Last year, I finished four small quilts, and I enjoyed making each of every one of them. 

Blue Rail Fence Baby Quilt 
Cyan Chaos Quilt (pattern by Libs Elliott)
Parts of Six Baby Quilt 
Improv Stripes Wall Quilt (QAL by A Quilter's Table)


In 2017, I made fourteen garments: eleven for myself and three for my daughter. The Akita Blouses got the most wear, but the Ebony Tee and Hayden Tee were my favorites. The Jane Tee and Margo Skirt were duds. Sewing clothes for my daughter is still challenging. She loved the Mini Colfax Dress, but refused to wear either of the Mini Virginia Leggings. 


I'm not a very fast knitter, so it's extra satisfying when I finish a knit project. In 2017, my favorite knit to make was the Marled Magic Shawl, which was a Mystery Knit Along. My favorite knit to wear was the Speckled Fade Scarf, which is super long and cozy. 


I was a little shocked when I counted up all the bags I made last year, and they totaled twenty-eight! Most of them where Weebraw Bags (6), Bentos Bags (7), or Lined Drawstring Bags (8). My favorite pattern was the Kinchaku bag, which came all the way from Japan!  

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

June 2017 in Review

Onyx and Heather Gray Mini Virginia Leggings 

Ages ago, I decided to use some of my knit fabric scraps to make some leggings for my daughter. I used the Mini Virginia Leggings pattern by Megan Nielsen, which I had received when I tested a different pattern for her. My favorite thing about the pattern is that it's only one pattern piece, so it's super quick to cut out. With my new serger, the seams were sewn in a flash. Sadly, it took a while for me to convince my daughter to try them on so I could cut the elastic to the correct length and hem them.  

For the first pair, I used the Heather Gray ponte knit leftover from my Mabel Skirt, and followed the directions exactly. The instructions call for sewing the elastic to the leggings with a zigzag stitch, and then folding it over to close it. Maybe I shouldn't have used ponte, but it seemed that the elastic stayed stretch out, and didn't spring back like I was used to. Even though I had chosen the size based on my daughter's measurements, and cut the elastic based on her feedback when she tried them on, she declared that they were too big and refused to wear them. (She likes a lot of negative ease in her leggings.) Hopefully they will fit correctly next summer. 

For the second pair, I used Onyx Laguna Jersey leftover from who knows which project. These leggings started out full-length, but when my daughter tried them on, she said they were too long, so I shortened them to capri length. Instead of sewing the elastic to the waistband, I sewed a casing for it, which seemed to work much better. Even so, my daughter turned up her nose at them and they have been languishing in her drawer. After sewing rejected two garments, I decided to hold off on making clothes for her for a while. Oh well. More time to sew things for me!  

Green Stripe Bento Bags   

For Father's Day, I needed a fabric gift bag. Two yards of bright green striped fabric were hanging out in my stash, begging to be used. I managed to cut out three rectangles, enough for two large bento bags and one medium one. I finished two of the bags in June and added the other one to my WIP pile.  

Marled Magic Mystery KAL shawl  

Oh, how I love West Knits Mystery Knitalongs! It's so much fun to get a new piece of the pattern every week, and the community on Ravelry is so vibrant. Since each clue usually comes with its own YouTube video, the "hard" parts become easy and I learn a ton. The Marled Magic Mystery KAL is the second one I participated in and is my favorite so far. The yarn used is sock yarn held double, which is the equivalent of DK yarn. I enjoyed using bigger needles because it felt so much faster, even if it still took me three months to finish. I also loved the pattern itself: the modular structure meant there were no super long rows to slog through, and the variety of stitches was super fun. Now that I've made a modular shawl, I feel prepared to make a Vertices Unite Shawl, which I've wanted to do for ages. The marled fading was delightful as well, and the end result is super snuggly.