Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finish It Up!

Well, I think I made decent progress this week. Since last Friday, I finished a project and started a new one, so I still have fourteen WIPs. Here’s an update:

1.       Yellow Brick Road #1: FINISHED

2.       Yellow Brick Road #2: Progress
3.       Unblogable #1: Progress
4.       Unblogable #2
5.       Baby’s Color Book: Progress
6.       Unblogable #3
7.       Paris Cats Quilt #1
8.       Batik Kit Quilt
9.       Unblogable #4
10.   Call Me Crazy: Progress
11.   Scrappy Nine-Patch
12.   Unblogable #5
13.   Forest Friends Embroidery
14.   Blueberry Pie: Progress
15.   Warm Cool Quilt Along: Started

Next week I’m going to focus on finishing the Yellow Brick Road #2 quilt and the Forest Friends Embroidery.

Check out more Finish It Up! projects at Fashioned by Meg.


  1. Great progress!! I haven't been following the warm/cool it still at the 'make hst' stage??

  2. Yay! You finished one! I admit to being intrigued...why are some of your projects unbloggable?