Monday, August 1, 2011

Small New Blog Meet-Up at Lily’s Quilts

This is my first day linking up with Lily’s Quilts and I get to link up twice! She is holding a Small New Blog Meet-Up and I just barely qualify.

I started blogging in April 2011 and as of this writing, I have eighteen followers! My original intention was primarily to document my quilting progress and inspire myself to quilt more. I got hooked on blogging the moment a stranger commented on my blog. Previously, I never commented on the blogs I read. Now, I enjoy commenting and reading the comments left on my blog posts. I had no idea an online community could be so much fun! I still have so much to learn, but I look forward to learning it.

My wonderful mom taught me how to quilt. I started out in the traditional style. The more I quilt, however, the more I am drawn to the modern quilting moment movement. My favorite blocks are log cabins, flying geese and half-square triangles. I especially like working with pre-cuts, solids, dots, and the color blue.

In my non-blogging life, I work full-time in an office, which I enjoy. I live with my husband, infant daughter, dog and two cats. I hope someday to share my love of quilting with my daughter.

Small New Blog Meet-Up


  1. Hi Rachel....I linked up to Lynne as well. Good luck and have fun in blog land. I like modern quilts as well.

  2. Hi Rachel!
    I just linked up to Lynne and I'm always surprised when it actually works. Now I'm going to look around your blog.

  3. Hi Rachel. I love modern quilts too. I'm intrigued by your first photo - what are you making?

  4. Thanks for posting the link-up - I just joined up! Hooray!

  5. Thanks for posting the link-up - I just joined up! Hooray!

  6. What a fun post. Sooo glad you started blogging! Not to mention quilting - it's so fun to talk quilting with you, let alone actually QUILT. For sure the little one will follow in our footsteps!

  7. I was with you until you mentioned flying geese..the bane of my existence. LOL. So happy for you and your mother that you have the shared experience of quilting and blogging together. What a wonderful time we live in. :)

  8. Popped over from Lily's as well... Like you I share quilting with my Mum but opposite you it was I who pushed her into it ;)

    We're just in the process of finishing of a shared handquilted star blanket (her first).

    Look forward to see more of your quilts. They look so bright and happy

  9. Hey Rachel! You sound too sweet! I came over from the small blog meet, and can't wait to see more of what you have been working on!