Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday: August 17, 2011

Lately, real life has been encroaching more and more on my sewing time. I have a couple big time sinks coming in the next month or so, which will mean a lot less time for sewing (and for blogging). Knowing this made this week’s sewing day at my mom’s that much sweeter.

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Current Projects
Unblogable #1: Still hand quilting. It’s slow going, but I am enjoying it.

Scrappy Green Quilt (aka Unblogable #5): I finished the top and the back at my mom’s. For the back, I used the slash and sew technique that I first encountered here. I really enjoyed putting the back together.

On Hold
Blueberry Pie
Call Me Crazy {17/42 blocks complete}
Color Book
Kaleidoscope Quilt Along {15/35 blocks complete}
Scrappy Nine-Patch {12/70 blocks complete}
Warm Cool Quilt Along
Valentine’s Day Half-Square Triangles

New projects: 0
Completed projects: 0
Total projects: 11

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  1. Loving your quilt, it has a nice visual appeal. How awesome you're doing the sewing by hand. Kudos.

  2. I stopped by because I am doing something similar and greens are a challenge for me. Your work drew me in.

    Hand sewing great!

    And I know what you mean about real life obligations encroaching on one's time. :) This is true for me too. But I do think a hand sewing project to take on the road (read car pool/ school pick line) would be helpful. :)

  3. Sewing with you is always sweet! We'll get back to it once your 'time sinks' calm down! Love your slash & sew backing - a great idea with great results!

  4. I love the back - lovely fresh colours.

  5. I like the greens. It's only been in the past week that I even thought about also piecing backs...other than using the same material.

  6. I like the scrappy green - is that the back then? Can't wait to see the front! : ) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.