Friday, August 5, 2011

Finish It Up! Two Finishes in One Week

This week was a great week for quilting! I finished not one, but two quilts: the Aqua and Red Table Runner and the Batik Kit Quilt. Let’s hope that I can keep this momentum going.

Here’s an update on my progress:

1.       Yellow Brick Road #1: FINISHED
2.       Yellow Brick Road #2: FINISHED
3.       Unblogable #1
4.       Unblogable #2
5.       Baby’s Color Book
6.       Aqua and Red Table Runner/Unblogable #3: FINISHED
7.       Paris Cats Quilt #1
8.       Batik Kit Quilt: FINISHED
9.       Unblogable #4
10.   Call Me Crazy
11.   Scrappy Nine-Patch
12.   Unblogable #5
13.   Forest Friends Embroidery: FINISHED
14.   Blueberry Pie
15.   Warm Cool Quilt Along
16.   Kaleidoscope Quilt Along: Progress
17.   Valentine’s Day Half-Square Triangles

I’m hoping to have at least a couple more finished before the challenge ends on August 15. We’ll see how it goes.

Check out Fashioned by Meg to see what other people are finishing.


  1. Congrats on finishing those beautiful projects. It feels so good to cross things off a list, sometimes I add easy things to the list just for the joy!

  2. Excellent progress! Good going, Rachel! (And beautiful!)

  3. Two very nice quilts. I particularly like the table runner.

  4. That's a long list (to me anyway)of WIPs and FOs. Congratulations on your progress so far.

  5. I love your pretty table runner!! My kitchen is aqua and red and you've inspired me to make one :o) Your other quilt is beautiful too!