Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nutella Muffins

Did you know that February 5th is World Nutella Day? Neither did I until I visited my parents this past Sunday and my mom announced that we were going to make Self-Frosting Nutella Cupcakes in honor of this illustrious holiday. Since I cannot resist anything involving Nutella or cupcakes, I needed little convincing. My contribution to this endeavor was keeping the baby occupied while my mom made the batter, swirling in the Nutella, and taking home the bulk of the batch “to share with my husband.” If you make some for yourself, I recommend calling them “Nutella Muffins” instead of “Self-Frosting Nutella Cupcakes,” because if you bite into one expecting frosting and cupcakiness, you might be disappointed. If you expect Nutella and muffiny goodness, you might just find yourself sneaking downstairs to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Not that I would know anything about that.
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