Friday, November 18, 2011

Flashback Friday #13: Flying Goslings Baby Quilt

When I buy fabric for a pattern, I tend to round up. If the pattern calls for 1/3 of a yard, I buy 1/4 of a yard. When I finished my first Flying Geese Baby Quilt, I realized that I just needed to buy new sashing and backing fabric in order to make another one. I started it with a specific baby in mind, but then there was a baby explosion in my social circle, and suddenly there were too many babies and not enough time to make them all quilts.

Without a recipient in mind, I dawdled. The top went together quickly, as advertised, but the hand-quilting took time. I finally found the motivation to finish this baby quilt when I learned I was pregnant. Since I had been working on this quilt for almost four years, it made sense that it would be for my own child. This baby quilt was started sometime in 2006 and finished July 2010, a few months before the birth of my daughter.

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  1. Very nice - amazing that you hand-quilted this! You are the master of using every little bit of fabric for another project! ;-)