Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday: November 9, 2011

This past week, I concentrated on finishing Christmas Gift #1. I’m very happy with it, but I have so many more I want to make. I better sew faster!

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Current Projects
Blueberry Pie: I’m trying to use as many scraps as possible for the back of this quilt. I’ve made progress, but it’s slow going.

Call Me Crazy {38/42 blocks complete}: Two more blocks down, four blocks to go!

Christmas Gift #1: This week I finished my first handmade Christmas gift for this year, which was very satisfying. The reveal will have to wait until after Christmas.

Christmas Gift Bags: Progress is slow, but I’m almost done with two bags.

Finished Tops Currently Being Hand Quilted
Unblogable #1

Finished Tops Currently Being Machine Quilted
Kaleidoscope Quilt Along

Finished Tops Awaiting Quilting
Between the Lines/Paris Cats
Scrappy Green Quilt (aka Unblogable #5)
Unblogable #2
Warm Cool Quilt Along

On Hold
2011 Memory Quilt
Color Book
Scrappy Nine-Patch {12/70 blocks complete}
Valentine’s Day Half-Square Triangles

New projects: 0
Completed projects: 1
Total projects: 13

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  1. Pieced backs ARE often 'slow' at a time when you just want to get things done! And Rachel - that Christmas sneak peek is darling - whatever it is looks pretty special!!

  2. Can't wait for the reveal on that Christmas quilt. Looks great, what we can see of it anyways!

  3. The blueberry pie blocks look great!


  4. blueberry pie! love the name and the blocks!

  5. Oh I love that rolled up quilt! Can't wait to see it!

  6. You've got lots of stuff going on! I too like to use up scraps in my backings, it gives them character!

  7. the Christmas gift sneak peek is looking impressive!

  8. I just want to jump through my screen and unroll that quilt! I love the colors of what I can see of it, and I will need to come back for the great reveal!

  9. I love those crazy blue blocks! Your other projects are lovely, you are doing great to have a qift quilt all done already.

  10. Love the scrappiness of your blueberry pie blue blocks. Boy, say that 3 times fast. And whhohohooo for a gift finish!!

  11. Oh, Christmas gift bags is such a great idea!!

  12. Love that Christmas sneak peek! I really love using up scraps in my backings, but they always take longer than I think they will! I'm sure it will be beautiful in the end :)

  13. I've never pieced the back of a quilt other than rearranging a large piece. I'm going to have to sure keep this in mind.

  14. I always use the scraps for the backs - love doing those. Your Blueberry Pie blocks are stunning!

  15. I'm so impressed you've got a Christmas gift done. I'm working on one....

  16. WTG on getting the Christmas gifts done already :o)

  17. love your blueberry pie fabrics!

  18. Love the blue crazy quilt blocks.

  19. The sneak peek of that Christmas gift made me go "Oooooh". ;)