Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fresh Sewing Day: March 2015

If you measure productivity by the number of finishes blogged in a month, it might seem that March was not a very productive month for me. On the contrary, in addition to finishing my Geese Over Fields mini quilt, a Sashiko Placemat and a Polka Dot Aberdeen Tunic, I finished a new baby quilt that I won’t blog about until it’s gifted. Also, I made progress on my Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Block of the Month Medallion quilt, and worked on three new garments that will be easy to finish in April. Speaking of garment sewing, expect to see a plethora of handmade clothing on this blog in April and May. I’m planning on participating in Me-Made-May again, so my interest in participating in the Wardrobe Architect 2015 challenge has picked up considerably. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Linking up with Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts.


  1. I'm especially smitten with your Geese Over Fields quilt! And looking forward to you participating in Me-Made-May again!

  2. Great finishes, looks like you had a good month for making. :)

  3. Wow, the Geese over Fields looks like a modern art picture! I love the reversing of the colours, so clever. Thanks for visiting my blog,
    Happy sewing weekend,