Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sashiko Placemat

As previously mentioned, I had the pleasure of taking a sashiko class from Maura Ambrose at QuiltCon. I chose the simplest of the three patterns she taught, so that I could practice stacking my stitches and using a thimble. (Until now, I have hand quilted one stich at a time, without a thimble.) I really enjoyed hand quilting on linen, which was new to me. The portable nature of this project was also a big plus. It was really refreshing to hand quilt without a hoop. I’m looking forward to doing more sashiko quilting in the future and am just waiting for inspiration to strike!


  1. oh, your sashiko is elegantly sweet.

  2. your stitches are lovely! I've always wanted to learn how to do this. And I recently saw someone post about a Sashiko machine?? It would be so cool to have this look over an entire quilt, without the hand pain some of us get.