Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Bags

Well, I think I have found a new favorite gift bag pattern! Recently, I sewed up a couple bags from the Little Fancy Purse pattern out of the book Handmade Bags In Natural Fabrics by Emiko Takahashi. The bags were cute enough, but I didn’t really care for the construction method, and they were too small for most gift giving. (Watch for more on those bags in a separate post.) However, since the shape was super cute, I decided to make them bigger and better. It was easy enough to draw larger templates from scratch and to construct these bags with a method I like better, similar to the Reversible Drawstring Bag tutorial by Pink Penguin.

The smaller bag is roughly 9.5” by 9.5” and made from a few different Cotton + Steel fat quarters. The larger bag is approximately 14.5” by 14.5”. The main fabric is “little bit’o love” by Alexander Henry. My daughter picked out the other day at Island Quilter and it made me happy to sew something for her with it so soon after she had chosen it.

These gift bags turned out to be the perfect size for my Valentine’s day gifts for my husband and daughter. I’m so pleased with them that I anticipate making many, many more, especially for Christmas.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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