Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday: April 13, 2011

One of the main objectives of this blog is to document the quilting process. Too often I forget when I started and finished a project. No more! I really enjoy the WIP Wednesday posts on Freshly Pieced (and on A Quilter’s Table!), so here is my first of many Work In Progress posts.

Current Projects:
Yellow Brick Road Baby Quilt #1 and Yellow Brick Road Baby Quilt #2
Years ago my mom made a series of baby quilts using the Yellow Brick Road pattern from Atkinson Designs. I liked those quilts so much that I bought the pattern and held onto it for years. Recently I was inspired to make quilts for two special babies and decided to finally use this pattern. For Yellow Brick Road Baby Quilt #1, the blocks are pieced together, but it needs a border. The blocks for Yellow Brick Road Baby Quilt #2 are done and sewn into rows, but the rows need to be sewn together.

Matching Floralgraphix Pillows
I just can’t get enough of hexagons! I’m making two pillows for myself out of the leftovers from a quilt that my mom made me for my birthday. One pillow is hexagons and the other is pluses.

Forest Friends Embroidery
During my pregnancy, I developed a craving for embroidery. I wanted to make something for the nursery and found the perfect patterns at Sublime Stitching. I added the name of each animal in Spanish. Now they just need washed, ironed and framed.

Hopefully I will have made some progress on these projects by this time next week!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. oh my! You have projects I didn't know about! "Yellow Brick Road" is a great pattern & your blocks look great. I LOVE your 'pluses' pillow. Can't wait to see your pillows - for YOU this time! And love the embroidery for the nursery - the Spanish gives it a personal & fun touch! Great W.i.P.'s!

  2. Sew many fun things going on here! Love the bright, happy yellow, the fun hedgehog, and the blues of your pillows!

  3. I love the hexies. the yellow brick road quilts are nice. I bet ya can get them done before next wk.

  4. your embroidery is so sweet! :)