Monday, April 18, 2011

Second Finish of 2011: Drawstring Bags

Sometimes when I’m working on bigger projects, I will throw in a small, quick project just so that I can feel the satisfaction of a finish. A while ago, I saw a tutorial for drawstring bags over at Pink Penguin and just had to make some. I made two patchwork bags from the tutorial and loved them. Then I got the bright idea to use drawstring bags instead of wrapping paper when giving gifts. Making patchwork bags would take too long, so I adapted the pattern to suit my needs. I use 2-3 fabrics for each bag, I make them a little bigger and I developed a different technique for the casing. I made a bunch for Christmas and was very pleased with them.

I bought the fabric for these bags while on a trip to visit extended family and made the bags within a month. For me, that’s a really quick turn-around for using up fabric. Sometimes I buy fabric for a specific project and it sits around for years. The bag on the right, made from Central Park fabric, has become my embroidery bag. The bag on the left, made from Sunkissed fabric, will be used to wrap a gift.

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