Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Stash #1

In general, I don’t buy fabric without a specific purpose in mind. Usually I build my stash by buying more fabric than I need for a project. If a pattern calls for ¾ of a yard, I will buy a whole yard and use the extra in another project. I will also buy a fat quarter here and there. However, recently I bought fabric from Pink Chalk Fabrics with no project in mind whatsoever. I’m drawn to their monthly solids club, but haven’t signed up yet. Then I saw last month’s offering was a set of gorgeous green fabrics. My favorite color is blue, but I work with green frequently as it is the favorite color of several family members and friends. You can order their monthly pack even if you aren’t in the club. While I was on their site, I checked out the Sherbet Pips line. It’s not really my style, but I have been admiring it. I decided that the grey and blue square fabrics would be nice to have on hand. I love grey, but rarely buy grey fabric. Then I checked out their selection of blue fabric and decided to order some of the Kona Deep Blue, just because. It looked a little navy online, but I was so happy when it arrived. It is my blue! It seems that most of the blue fabric coming out right now is light blue or aqua. It’s hard to find the darker, richer shade of blue that I prefer, but now I’ve found it.

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