Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 2011 in Review

November was a very busy, but productive month. I am very pleased with all that I have accomplished in the last thirty days. I got a solid head start on Christmas gifts and bags, and I also had a blast making improv blocks for Call Me Crazy and a pieced back for Blueberry Pie. The improv blocks were the most fun to make, but I love how the Christmas presents turned out. I hope that December brings lots of sewing time!

Check out Fresh Sewing Day at Lily’s Quilts for more stitching inspiration!

1. Call Me Crazy WIP 11.1.11, 2. Christmas Gift Bags WIP 11.1.11, 3. Christmas Runner 1 WIP 11.1.11, 4. Evergreen Flurry Rolled 11.6.11, 5. Blueberry Pie WIP 11.6.11, 6. Call Me Crazy WIP 11.6.11, 7. Christmas Gift Bags WIP 11.6.11, 8. Blueberry Pie WIP 11.15.11, 9. 2011 Memory Quilt WIP, 10. Call Me Crazy WIP 11.15.11, 11. Peppermint Flurry WIP 11.20.11, 12. 2012 Memory Quilt WIP 11.20.11, 13. Blueberry Pie WIP 11.20.11, 14. Color Book WIP 11.29.11, 15. Memory Quilt 2012 WIP 11.29.11, 16. Memory Quilt 2011 WIP 11.29.11

  • Finished two table runners Christmas gifts
  • Finished four Christmas gift bags
  • Finished the top of another table runner Christmas gift
  • Finished blocks for Call Me Crazy

Fresh Sewing Day


  1. Looks fantastic! Love your colorful mosaic!

  2. It all looks great, Rachel. How awesome that you got all those Christmas gifts made and/or started. :)

  3. Lovely to see all the Christmasy finishes that people are having at the moment, I really should get started on mine!

  4. Your works are fantastic! I like the bright colours chosen by you!

  5. I love the Blueberry pie - I really want to make a quilt in those colours!

  6. Wow some beautiful things there! Well done.