Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday: October 12, 2011

Well, this last week has been a doozy, so I didn’t get as much sewing time as I would like. I have six whole hours scheduled for this weekend, though. I sure am looking forward to that!

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Current Projects
Blueberry Pie {18/18 blocks complete}: Each block is now sewn to its coordinating setting square and the layout is finalized. I should really put this away so that I can focus on finishing other projects, but I’m afraid if I put it away it will become another long-term WIP.

Call Me Crazy {25/42 blocks complete}: I am 59.5% finished with the blocks for this quilt! After the blocks are finished, there will be some serious sashing involved. I’m glad that I’m making this quilt for me, because I love these blocks so much!

Kaleidoscope Quilt Along {35/35 blocks complete}: Only one more seam and this quilt top will be finished! Why am I blogging when I’m only one seam away from a completed quilt top, you ask? Well, my sewing machine is right outside the nursery and my baby’s sleep is more important to me than sewing. Since this quilt is for her, I think it all works out.

Finished Tops Currently Being Hand Quilted
Unblogable #1

Finished Tops Awaiting Quilting
Between the Lines/Paris Cats
Scrappy Green Quilt (aka Unblogable #5)
Unblogable #2
Warm Cool Quilt Along

On Hold
2011 Memory Quilt {1/? blocks complete}
Color Book
Scrappy Nine-Patch {12/70 blocks complete}
Valentine’s Day Half-Square Triangles

New projects: 0
Completed projects: 0
Total projects: 12
Projects on my Not Yet Started list: 20

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  1. Oh - I love blue. Your blocks makes me want to start a blue quilt even more. It looks really great.

  2. Sooo looking forward to that 6 hours of sewing together! Can't wait to see your kaleidoscope top!

  3. Oh love your "Not Yet Started List" that sounds great! I also love what you said about the Kaleidoscope quilt - yes it does work out! LOL