Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Fresh Sewing Day

I didn’t get much sewing done this past month, but what I was able do I really, really enjoyed. After about four weeks away from my sewing machine, it was so refreshing to work again on my Kaleidoscope quilt and my Blueberry Pie quilt, and to start the memory quilt that I’ve been thinking about for months.

Working on my Kaleidoscope quilt was my favorite this past month, for two reasons. First, I kind of bit off more than I could chew for this project, so making progress made me happy. Also, I had company while laying out the blocks on the floor. Our cat Tux decided that the unfinished quilt was more comfortable than any other quilt in the house. Our dog, Otto, on the other hand, knew better than to mess with the quilt. He laid down as close as possible without actually touching the quilt.

I can’t wait to see what fun quilting moments this month will bring! Head on over to Lily’s Quilts to check out what other quilters have been working on lately. Thanks for stopping by!

Fresh Sewing Day


  1. Love those kaleidescope blocks!

  2. Your kaleidoscope quilt is looking great! Love the critters joining you!!

  3. Do I detect a love for mauve and blue?

    Clever Otto!