Friday, June 17, 2011

Flashback Friday #5: Heartz

My first lap quilt was made from a pattern called Heartz. I continued the blue and purple combination from my first quilt, but wanted a quicker pattern with less room for error. The piecing is semi-improvisational. The fabric placement was carefully planned, but the cutting was done freehand.  I finished piecing this quilt in 2005, but didn’t get it quilted until December 2007. It usually can be found on our living room couch, but migrates around the house as needed come winter.


  1. I *LOVE* the coloring of this quilt -- it is beautiful!

  2. I remember being 'awed' by the improvisational design of these blocks - back in 2005! Now improvisational blocks are all the rage - and you are still creating amazing quilts with them! Yay!