Thursday, June 2, 2011

Family Scrap Swap

I come from a strong family tradition of quilt making. My mother is a quilter, my husband’s grandmother is a quilter, and several of my cousins are quilters as well. Recently my mom organized a scrap swap with a couple of my out-of-state cousins. I really enjoyed going through my scraps and picking out fabrics that I thought they would like. Receiving scraps from them was fun as well.

I received a lot of blue and tan/brown fabrics and was having a hard time deciding what to do with them. I found the answer via last week’s WIP Wednesday event on Freshly Pieced. I really like the Bluberri Breezes quilt from Angel Scraps Quilting. I’m going to call my version Blueberry Pie. I think I’ll work in some of the solids that I have been stashing recently. The small bowl contains the fabrics that I will start my Blueberry Pie quilt with. The large bowl is the other scraps that I still have to play with. Some will end up in my baby’s color book, and I’m looking forward to finding projects for the rest!

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  1. Fun! Love that you have a name for your project already! I don't think I've ever named a quilt, other than by its fabric or pattern. I even see some scraps in those bowls that I sent you - yay!