Monday, April 16, 2018

2017 in Review

Normally, I would post my Year in Review post in January, but this January I was a little preoccupied with day-long morning sickness and overwhelming fatigue. Now that the first trimester of this pregnancy is over, I'm finally writing my 2017 in Review post. Better late than never! 


Last year, I finished four small quilts, and I enjoyed making each of every one of them. 

Blue Rail Fence Baby Quilt 
Cyan Chaos Quilt (pattern by Libs Elliott)
Parts of Six Baby Quilt 
Improv Stripes Wall Quilt (QAL by A Quilter's Table)


In 2017, I made fourteen garments: eleven for myself and three for my daughter. The Akita Blouses got the most wear, but the Ebony Tee and Hayden Tee were my favorites. The Jane Tee and Margo Skirt were duds. Sewing clothes for my daughter is still challenging. She loved the Mini Colfax Dress, but refused to wear either of the Mini Virginia Leggings. 


I'm not a very fast knitter, so it's extra satisfying when I finish a knit project. In 2017, my favorite knit to make was the Marled Magic Shawl, which was a Mystery Knit Along. My favorite knit to wear was the Speckled Fade Scarf, which is super long and cozy. 


I was a little shocked when I counted up all the bags I made last year, and they totaled twenty-eight! Most of them where Weebraw Bags (6), Bentos Bags (7), or Lined Drawstring Bags (8). My favorite pattern was the Kinchaku bag, which came all the way from Japan!  

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  1. What a nice variety of projects! Gotta say, that Marled Magic Shawl (the blue and green one?) is so beautiful and looks so nice on you...