Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pattern Testing: Mini Tania Culottes

This September, I had the opportunity to pattern test the Mini Tania Culottes, which are part of Megan Nielsen’s new line of girls’ patterns. I was thrilled, as I have long been an admirer of her patterns, and the mini versions couldn't be cuter. Initially, I had planned on pattern testing all three versions, but real life intervened and I was only able to finish version 3 before the feedback deadline. I picked that one first because it was the bigger and would therefore take the longest to sew, thinking that I could whip up the shorter versions too. Oh well. While this pattern is indeed a quick sew, my real job workload was such in September that my best laid plans were derailed. Luckily, the instructions were easy enough to follow that I was able to sew this together in fits and starts in the few stolen minutes I could find.

I totally wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize that the pattern called for woven fabrics until it hit my inbox. While I have a small stash of garment fabric in woven and knits for myself, I only had knits on hand in my daughter’s colors. (She is very particular about what she wears and the pinker something is, the more likely she is to wear it.) Since the pattern indicated that you could also sew it up in knits, I decided to take a chance and just roll with it. I used Les Points Knit in Rose by Frances Newcombe for Art Gallery Fabrics, and it turned out well enough. However, if I ever made this pattern out of a knit again, I would use a lighter, flowier one.

While I managed to finish the culottes and submit my feedback by the deadline, it took me some time (and some bribing) to organize a photo shoot with my daughter. Therefore, please enjoy these pictures of Mini Tania Culottes worn in chilly, rainy November weather. I can’t wait until next spring, because I’m planning on whipping up some shorter culottes in woven fabrics. The pattern is easy, quick and clever and I love that it combines the functionality of pants with the cuteness of a skirt.

Disclaimer: I received this pattern for free in exchange for pattern testing it. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Darling. The grandparents enjoyed these photos immensely.
    Can't wait to see more next spring!