Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mystery Fabric Hemlock Tee

After I made my first Hemlock Tee, I wanted to sew another one right away. During a trip to Pacific Fabrics, I hit up their knits section and found this rayon/lycra blend that didn't have a brand name written on the bolt. However, the color spoke to me, and it was slinky but still opaque. I decided to give it a try.

The Hemlock tee is a lovely, quick pattern, but this shirt took me over a month to sew. The slinky fabric just wasn't fun to work with, even though I was looking forward to wearing it. Once the calendar flipped to September, my motivation returned. I wanted to finish this so that I could move on to my fall sewing!

I wish I could say that I was happy with the end result. For a day, that was true. Wearing this shirt made me feel both comfy and confident. At the end of that one day, though, I realized that the fabric had already started to pill! Lesson learned: do not buy unbranded mystery fabric! Luckily, the pilling hasn’t noticeably increased, even though I wear this shirt often. However, I’m not going to let one disappointing fabric choice hold me back. I'm already planning my next Hemlock tee. This time, I'll use better fabric!


  1. Pilling is the bane of my existence! It is super cute, too bad for crummy fabric.

  2. Pilling can ruin a very good garment. Sew on!

  3. Oh! That's a great heads up, thanks! I think it looks darling on you :)