Monday, May 4, 2015

Me-Made-May ’15: Week 1

Three days of Me-Made-May down, twenty-eight to go! So far, it has been fun to compare my progress with last year’s Me-Made-May. Day 1 and Day 2 were new outfits that figured knit items, but Day 3 was unintentionally a close repeat of last year’s Day 26. I guess I’m pretty predictable.

This year, I’m trying a new location for my photos, since my wardrobe full of dark colors doesn’t lend itself to being photographed in front of a black door. I’m also using a tripod (thanks, Dad!) instead of asking my long-suffering and under-appreciated husband to take the pictures. The tripod has proven irresistible to my four-year-old, so I let her “help” me take photos this weekend. Thus, the “creatively” framed Day 2 picture. Here’s to encouraging creativity in our children early!


  1. You're off to a good start!!

  2. These are splendid!! I love seeing folks sparking that creativity in children, too! And just sos ya know, your fabulous knits have led to my getting a serger and some courage! Woo! A while before any items will be made, but I'm so excited!