Monday, July 15, 2013

Grey Eyelet Wiksten Tank

Garment sewing is still new and slightly scary to me, so I keep returning again and again to the same pattern that I know and love: the Wiksten Tank. This is my fifth time using this pattern and the third tank top I have made. I had planned to make Colette’s Taffy blouse next, but the muslin revealed that I need to grade the pattern in order for it to fit me, and I’m not having the best of luck with that.


One evening this week, I was trying to lift my grey mood by reading my bloglovin’ feed. Just as I was starting to get sucked down the rabbit hole that is the blogosphere, I was inspired to get off my bum and sew something instead of sitting there just thinking about it. My trusty Wiksten pattern was close at hand, so I grabbed it and some hoarded Flea Market Fancy Eyelet fabric from my stash and set to work. Three hours later, I had a new shirt to wear to work the next day, and my grey mood was nowhere to be found.


Seeing that my first Wiksten project took me three evenings to finish, I was pretty proud of how quickly I whipped up this tank. Practice is definitely worth it! Now I just need to find a new pattern that I can learn to love as much as I love the Wiksten tank.


  1. Sewing is good for you! ;-) Darling tank, and I'm anxious to see what that next 'go-to' pattern will be!

  2. Oh it looks great and you look oh so professional!