Thursday, August 23, 2012

Christmas in July Continued: Flurry Project Bag

At long last, I have found the gift bag pattern that I have been searching for! After making several Everything Bags, and one Snack bag, I found that the Project Bag size of Jeni’s Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern was the perfect size for my purposes: big enough for most presents, cute, quick and easy!  This bag was made from Flurry yardage left over from last year. I anticipate making many more of this size before Christmas rolls around. First step: stock up on Christmas yardage!

For those that are curious about the relative sizes of these bags, here is a picture of the three sizes I have made: Everything, Project and Snack.


  1. Clever to post them together! Glad you found the perfect size for you! (They are all darling!)

  2. Oh! I was just thinking about making a drawstring bag but wasn't sure about a pattern! So happy you shared your project! Lovely!

  3. Oh I love seeing the different sizes together! I love the fact that you make all these holiday bags, such a great idea!