Sunday, July 29, 2012

Christmas in July Update: Everything Bags

Have you been wondering about my Christmas in July progress? Well, fear not, I have made some progress and I have even photographed it!

Jeni’s Lined Drawstring Bag has been popping up all over the blogosphere, but I was able to resist its charms until my mom wrapped my birthday present in an Artist Bag. I decided to try out the tutorial before buying the pattern, and started on an Everything Bag, using three fat quarters of Joy by Kate Spain. Before I even finished the first bag, I liked it so well that I bought the full pattern. 

This pattern is absolutely genius! With careful cutting, I was able to make two Everything Bags out of three fat quarters. They came together super quick and easy. I have less time to sew than I would like, but still managed to make four of these bags in less than a week. 

They are so much fun that I already have two more in progress, in different sizes. I love the bags I’ve already made, but they seem a little small for my purposes, so I’ll probably make more bags in the bigger sizes. I can’t wait ‘til Christmas when I can wrap presents in these fun bags!


  1. I thought you'd like it! What a nice assortment you've got made already!

  2. Your Christmas bags are adorable - I am so impressed that you have Christmas goodies ready in July. The bags are a bit addictive to make. I feel like I am going around saying "do you need a bag for something?" to the people in my world....makes them think I'm crazier than I am!