Monday, July 23, 2012

Exhibition Expedition

Recently, my extended family and I headed to Vashon Island to see the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Exhibition at the Island Quilter. We had a blast eating at the Hardware Store, seeing the quilts, and exploring the store. Seeing my Sunshiny Day and Blueberry Muffin quilts exhibited was a real treat.

Ingrid's Quilt, by the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild

I loved seeing all the other quilts and wish I could have spent more time looking at them. I also wish that I could have taken more pictures, but running after an active toddler in a quilt store doesn’t leave much time for photography. My sweet girl loved playing hide and seek in the labyrinth of fabric at the store.

Willa's Quilt, by the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild

The Island Quilter is one of the most organized and impressive quilt stores that I have ever visited. The pictures on their website don’t do the place justice. They have an awesome selection of fabric and not a bolt out of place. Even though I do most of my fabric shopping online (see: running through store after active toddler), I love going to brick and mortar quilt shops because usually I can find out-of-print fabric that I love. The Island Quilter does not disappoint. They have a nice mix of current fabrics and collections that I knew were several years old.

Arkansas, Traveled, by Ara Jane Olufson

In the end, I walked away with flannel fabric perfect for making into children’s pajamas, some Star Wars fabric that my husband insisted I buy, and Scrap Republic by Emily Cier. Her Mrs. Roy G. Biv quilt was so impressive that I am itching to start a scrap quilt of my own soon. 

Mrs. Roy G. Biv by Emily Cier

If you’re in the greater Seattle area, stop by The Island Quilter sometime. The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Exhibition runs through August 2nd

Constellation, by Grace Lainhart


  1. Awesome! Love that you took photos of alot of quilts that I did not! Congrats again on your showing!!

  2. Wow the Mrs. Roy G. Biv quilt is really stunning =D

  3. Very fun! Sounds like a great show!