Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday: May 4, 2011

These WIP Wednesday posts inspired me to take stock of my current unfinished projects.  I was shocked to discover that I have fifteen projects in various stages of completion at the moment. I do love a finish, but apparently I love a new start even more. Not all of the in-progress projects will make it into my WIP Wednesday posts as some of them are secrets and this is a public blog. I wouldn’t want someone to read my blog and have a surprise ruined. (Hi, Mom!) I’d like to have a couple finishes under my belt before I start on the Christmas presents that I have in mind.

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Current Projects
Veggie Goody Bags: I’m making five goody bags for when my friends come over for a party. The fabric is Hoodie’s Collection for Blank Quilting and the pattern is my standard drawstring bag inspired by Pink Penguin. I just love the graphic vegetables, especially the tomatoes.

Matching Floralgraphix Pillows: I bought the pillow forms, but haven’t done any more sewing. I hope to have these done before we have guests over later in the month.

Yellow Brick Road Baby Quilt #1: I worked a little on making the binding this week.

Call Me Crazy {6/42 blocks complete}: I’m still really enjoying improvisational piecing. There’s no rush on this one, as it’s for me.

Scrappy Nine-Patch {8/70 blocks complete}: This week I cut fabric for two blocks.

On Hold
Yellow Brick Road Baby Quilt #2: I need to buy more fabric for the binding.

Forest Friends Embroidery: Still no progress. I keep forgetting to look at frames while I’m out running errands.

New projects: 1
Completed projects: 0
Total projects: 15

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  1. Seems like I like starting projects and not finishing them very quickly as well. I do love to finish a quilt but that urge to start a new one is sometimes overwhelming.

  2. I am with you on liking the start of projects.. I have quite a few I don't post about yet.. some are long term wip's.I love the blue 9 patch blocks.

  3. haha . . . wouldn't want to ruin any surprises either! ;-) I love that you find so much that inspires you! Loving your Call Me Crazy blocks too! And btw, thanks again for you know what!

  4. Love that fabric too! I have made tons of fabric gift bags! Love them! Christmas presents? For real ;-)?

  5. Those blue blocks are wonderful!

  6. Don't feel bad about that many WIP's when I started (counting that is) I had 20 (I think) and I still technically have 150 other things to photograph! That number will shrink before you know it!

    LOVE the tomato fabric!