Wednesday, July 1, 2015

May and June 2015 in Review

May was a busy sewing month. Fueled by the energy of Me-Made-May, I finished a quilt, a shirt, a skirt, a dress, a block for the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild quilt, and eight gift bags. Those finishes were very fulfilling, but altogether they were a little exhausting. (This mosaic also includes a scarf and a gift bag that were made in April, but not gifted until May.)

June was not a busy sewing month, but it was very busy in other areas. While I did make progress on several WIPs, most of my limited free time was spent outdoors making memories with my family. I can sew all year long, but there’s only a small window of time when I can go pick strawberries with my kiddo. I have two wall quilts that only need binding and hanging sleeves to be completed, so I’m hoping to have a finish or two in July.


  1. Beautiful makes for sure! Make those memories!

  2. I couldnt agree with you more :) My son is 3600 miles away, and I treasure every moment we get for memories :)